Chef workstation configuration

Install the AWS EC2 drivers

Open a Bash or CMD window in the Chef cookbook folder

  • Install the kitchen-ec2 driver
    chef gem install kitchen-ec2

    More info on the ec2 driver at
  • Add the gem folder to the path
    • On Macintosh
      • Add the path to the ~/.zshrc or ~/.bash_profile¬†file
    • On Ubuntu
      • Add the path to the end of the file with gedit ~/.profilePATH=$HOME/.chefdk/gem/ruby/X.X.X/bin:$PATH
  • Open a new terminal window for the change to take effect
  • Install the ¬†chef-zero-scheduled-task plugin
    chef gem install chef-zero-scheduled-task
  • Install the latest vagrant plugin
    chef gem install kitchen-vagrant

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