SnowRunner – Michigan, USA (spoiler)

Black River

WarehouseBricks (1 unit)
Concrete blocks (1 unit)
Service spare parts (1 unit)
Metal beams (2 unit)
Pipe DreamHeavy Fuel Tanker Semi-Trailer

Bricks x2 (1 unit)

Metal Beams x1 (2 units)

Fuel trailer notes:
When you arrive to the factory with the fuel trailer fill up your truck from it and park the fuel trailer anywhere in the factory. It will disappear when the rest of the goods are delivered and the contract completed.

Bricks, Metal beams notes:
There is a 2 unit trailer in the warehouse. You can deliver the bricks and the beams at the same time. See How to tow a trailer if a loading crane is installed in SnowRunner if you cannot attach a trailer to the truck because you have a loading crane installed.
Not a drillMetal beams x2 (2 units each)

Oil Rig Drill x1 (5 units)

Construction rig semi-trailer (high saddle needed)

Service site in Smith Dam

Drilling siteUse a trailer to carry both beams at the same time.

Smithville Dam

Service HubService spare parts (1 unit)
Oil rig drill (5 units)
Vehicle Spare Parts (1 unit)
There is a Garage North west of the Service Hub
FarmConsumables (1 unit)
North-West cornerRamped flatbed trailer with 2x steel beams(Moved to Drilling Site)
North-West cornerFlatbed trailer with 2x Vehicle spare parts(Moved to Drilling Site)
South-West WarehouseWooden planks (1 unit)
Concrete blocks (1 unit)
Metal beams (2 units)
More FuelFuel x2Drilling SiteForester’s House
Rock OnService spare parts x2Service HubRoad block next to garageThere is a Garage North west of the Service Hub
Hungry WorkersConsumables x2FarmDrilling site
Across the riverCurtainside trailerDrilling SiteSherman IslandOffroad truck is recommended
Solid foundationConcrete slabs x1Warehouse or Drilling siteNorton’s House in North-West cornerTruck with crane is recommended to pick up at Drilling Site
Threatening AccidentFuel Station at EastTruck with crane is recommended
Smithville BridgeWooden planks x2Dam
Unlucky FishermanChevrolet CK1500East of the QuarryFisherman’s House
Going UnderRescue a floating house

Drummond Island

Log StationWooden planks (1 unit)
Long logs (1 long log unit)
Close to South Fuel StationLarge concrete pieces on sideboard trailer
Cousin CletusOil barrels x2Lighthouse KeeperBring a heavy crane to pick up the first crate of barrels close to the Drummond Bridge.

The cliff above the barrels in the North-East is very high, so normally the cable of the crane cannot reach them. You need to hang the truck from the cliff. It looks like any truck and crane is fine as long as it is dangerously hanging above the void. Equipment examples: White Western Star 4964 with the yellow crane, Pacific P12 with the red Profcrane 320.
It looks like all rear or front wheels have to be in the air.

Once the barrels are on the cliff, you can pick them up with another truck.
Support local rangersWooden planks x2Log StationRanger’s Bridge
Tourist AttractionExplore Hollis IslandScout is recommended
Lost DeliverySpecial cargo x3?South-West Log stationTruck with crane recommended
Of bridges and menWooden planks x2Log StationIsland’s Bridge
Ten-HuntMetal beams x2
Concrete slab x2
Drummond Bridge

Island Lake

Hunter Bob’s BridgeWooden planks x4Log StationBob’s Bridge
No country for old truckRestore Western Star 6900 TwinSteerRepair it and fuel it up
Rusty LegacyChevrolet CK1500North-East Log StationFarmer’s houseOffroad truck is recommended
The huntsman and the carScout 800Center of the mapHunter’s ParkingOffroad truck is recommended
A little help for my frinedsReach 6 pointsScout recommended
Flaming BarrelsOil barrels

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