Decompiling the Cities: Skylines II code

To be able to view the source code code of Cities: Skylines 2, we need a few tools.

Visual Studio

Visual Studio Community edition is a free IDE to write .NET code in C# and other languages.


To decompile the game code to the source code, we will use the ILSpy Visual Studio extension.

  • Search for the link to the latest version on the ILSpy GitHub page at ILSpy
  • At the time of writing, ILSpy 2022 is the latest version, download it from ILSpy 2022
  • Double-click the downloaded .vsix file
  • Restart Visual Studio if it was running at the time of the extension installation

Decompiling Cities: Skylines II

  • Start Visual Studio
  • Select Continue without code to start a new project
  • In the Tools menu select ILSpy
  • In the ILSpy window select File, Open
  • Select Game.dll in the “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Cities Skylines II\Cities2_Data\Managed” directory
  • On the left side expand the Game node

Save the game code

To save the game code as a Visual Studio project

  • Right-click the Game node and select Save Code…

Examining the original game code

  • In the Visual Studio File menu select Open, Project/Solution
  • Open the Game.csproj C# project
  • To search for words in the game source code press CTRL-F or open the Quick Find dialog box

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