How to verify or generate file checksums

You can verify the checksum of a file with the built-in features of the operating systems On Macintosh and Linux Open the terminal window and execute the commands SHA-256 shasum -a 256 FILE_NAME On Windows CRC32, CRC64, SHA256, SHA1, BLAKE2sp Right-click the file in Windows Explorer and select CRC SHA > * (star) The popup window will […]

Upgrade TeamCity to version 10

Upgrade TeamCity to version 10 Create a backup of the database and the server before the upgrade Disable the Chef-Client scheduled task and Chef-Client service to make sure Chef does not alter the server during the upgrade. Disable the authorized agents to stop them picking new jobs. Stop the TeamCity process on the server, If […]

Set up the Artifactory repository authentication

To secure Artifactory repositories follow the steps below Log into Artifactory as an administrator On the left select Admin Add users In the Security menu select Users In the upper right select New Create users for admin, writer, and reader. Make sure the Can Update Profile checkbox is NOT checked, so if someone logs in with the service […]

The User Profile Service failed the sign-in. User profile cannot be loaded.

When you try to start a remote desktop connection to a Windows computer on the domain you may get the error message: The User Profile Service failed the sign-in. User profile cannot be loaded. To enable the User Profile update Remote into the computer with a local administrator account, In Windows Explorer open the C:\Users\Default\AppData folder, […]

Add SSH key to a Jenkins Git step

To access a Git repository Jenkins can use an SSH key. To add the SSH key to the Jenkins server use the following Chef script Store the SSH key in an encrypted data bag called “keys”. { “id”: “ci_private_keys”, “ci_github_key”: “—–BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY—–\n…\n—–END RSA PRIVATE KEY—–“, }   Add the following to the Jenkins […]

Manage Windows Backups

To manage the Microsoft Windows Backups you can use a command line tool. Open a command prompt as administrator Show the existing backup versions Wbadmin get versions Clean up the backup disk To keep a number of latest backups and delete the rest Wbadmin delete backup -keepversions:NUMBER_OF_BACKUPS_TO_KEEP To keep the latest backup only Wbadmin delete backup […]

Chef custom resource is using the same property name as the called resource

When you create a Chef custom resource, you can call other resources including custom resources you have created. For ease of use it can be convenient to use the same property name as the called resource use. property :delay_mins,          Fixnum, default: 3 reboot ‘Hostname was changed’ do reason reboot_reason delay_mins delay_mins […]