Install the DevOps development tools on Macintosh


The Amazon Web Services command line interface installation will set up your workstation to launch instances in AWS from Test Kitchen. If you know you will work with AWS, see DevOps Engineering part 3. – Working with AWS for the AWS CLI installation.

Chef Development Kit

Terraform by Hashicorp

 Terraform Installation

  • Open a terminal window and execute
    brew install terraform

Vault CLI

Install the Vault CLI from

Currently the command to install Vault is 

sudo chown -R $(whoami) /usr/local/bin
brew tap hashicorp/tap
brew install hashicorp/tap/vault

SQL Command

To be able to execute Microsoft SQL commands from the command line or through Terraform, install the MS SQL utility

  1. Install NPM, the JavaScript package manager
    brew install node
  2. Install SQL CLI
    npm install -g sql-cli
  3. Check the installation by displaying the version information
    mssql --version

More information on the tool is at

Rarely used tools


We use Packer to create custom AWS AMIs that contain the fundamental configuration and applications that are common in every instance we launch.

Install Packer


Graphviz is a Dependency Graph Visualization Software. We will use this utility to display the Terraform graphs.

To install execute the following in the terminal

brew install graphviz


For the VirtualBox installation on your operating system see: VirtualBox


For Vagrant installation see Vagrant.


Ruby is already a part of the operating system.

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