Transfer streets from maps to Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines is a great environment to build scale models of real cities. In this example, we will transfer the Pacific Electric Railway map of the Los Angeles area from 1947 to the Los Angeles area map by macmcginty. Once you subscribe to the Los Angeles map in the Steam Workshop, the map appears in […]

Kovászos kenyér egyszerűen

Kevés munkával és mosogatással is készíthetünk jó házikenyeret. Persze, nem lesz annyira könnyű, mint az eredeti Szabadfi Szabolcs féle kenyér (Kovászos Kenyér Sütés Szabival), de így akár 1-2 naponta süthetünk finom házikenyeret. Szabi sütési lépéseit kicsit leegyszerűsítettem, hogy másra is jusson idő a kenyér készítése közben. Sütés után kenyerünk körülbelül 1200 g-os lesz. Hozzávalók 450 […]

Failed to complete #converge action: [password is a required option]

The Chef Test Kitchen EC2 driver can connect to Windows instances two ways. Using a custom image with known admin account credentials When we use a custom built image which has a local administrator account with known username and password, specify it in the kitchen.yml file. Standard Amazon AMI with random password When we use […]

Scan documents into password-protected ZIP files with iPhone

Follow these steps to scan documents into PDF format with your iPhone, transfer them to your computer, compress them to a password-protected ZIP file. Scanning Your iPhone can scan documents into PDF files Open the Notes app Tap the new document icon in the lower right corner to create a new note Tap the camera […]

Configure Epson WF-3520 scanning on Windows 10

Install the Epson WF-3520 scanner driver and scanning utility Download the Scanner Driver and EPSON Scan Utility v3.7.9.6 from the Utilities section of Double-click the downloaded file and install the application Connect to the Epson WF-3520 printer Start the EPSON Scan Settings utility Select Network and click the Add button When the search is […]

Generate the Chef cookbook dependency diagram

The Brew viz command reads the Berksfile.lock in the current Chef cookbook directory and saves the cookbook dependency diagram in the graph.png file. The command requires the graphviz utility Install graphviz In the terminal window execute Generate the cookbook dependency diagram and open it in Preview In the Chef cookbook directory execute If you get […]