How to enable jQuery intellisense in Microsoft Visual Studio

To enable jQuery intellisense in Microsoft Visual Studio Open the _references.js file in the editor by double clicking it Drag the jquery-x.x.x.intellisense.js file into the _references.js file in the editor. The name of the file will be added to the _references.js file

Conditional compilation symbols in Microsoft Visual Studio

If you need to make breaking changes in your source code that will be deployed later to production, but first have to be tested in the development environment you can include conditional compilation symbols to specify which lines will be included in the application for certain environments. This way you can maintain environment specific versions […]

Microsoft Visual Studio editor settings

There are some settings that can make your work easier in Visual Studio. Start Microsoft Visual Studio, and in the “Tools” menu select “Options” – To insert new tabs to the right of existing tabs and keep the already opened tabs in place and – Show pinned tabs in a separate row On the left […]

Unable to open a setup project in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 on Windows 7 64 bit

I work on multiple computers using different operating systems. When I tried to open a web service solution in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 on my Windows 7 64 bit workstation I got the following error message: “The project file … has been moved, renamed or is not on your computer.” I could verify that the […]

How to set the application pool automatically during Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 web application and web service deployment

During the Visual Studio 2010 Web Application and Web Service deployment the prior setting of the application pool name is lost. The installer does not assign the correct application pool to the virtual directory, it will be assigned to the Default Application Pool. If different .NET versions are assigned to the same application pool, the older .NET applications stop […]

How to set up Internet Explorer to debug with Microsoft Visual Studio

When you debug your Visual Studio web application you want to start and stop Internet Explorer automatically when you start and stop the debugging session. With the default settings Internet Explorer starts automatically when you start debugging, but it does not close when you stop the execution. To enable the automatic stop, enable debugging in […]

How to delete a folder from the Subversion database in the TortoiseSVN client

If you don’t need a folder in the Subversion database anymore follow the the steps below. If you are using the TortoiseSVN Subversion client Start Windows Explorer, Right click any folder, Select “TortoiseSVN”, “Repo-browser” to open the repository browser.   In the repository browser: Right click the folder you want to remove, Select “Delete…”   […]

How to exclude a project folder from the Subversion database

If you added the AnkhSVN – Subversion Support for Visual Studio from you can easily version your files as you develop them. In your application there could be projects or folders that you don’t want to include in source control. To ignore the changes in a project open the Solution Explorer in Visual Studio 2010, […]

New files are not displayed when I click the “Add Items to Folder” button in the Source Control Explorer of Microsoft Visual Studio 2012

To add items to source control in Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 open the Source Control Explorer and  click the “Add Items to Folder” button on the tool bar. If a folder is selected Visual Studio does not display the new files in the current folder:   To be able to add the new files from the […]