Soundproof Enclosure for the Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer

The Monoprice Select Mini printer is an open design, all noise making parts are exposed, and as the stepper motors move the head and the platform, the vibration transfers to the table it is sitting on. There are a few sound proof enclosure designs on the internet, but I have found one that looks cool […]

3D Printer GCODE instructions

GCODE is a standard file type to control 3D printers. The 3D object is usually exported from the CAD program to an STL file, that fully describes the end product. 3D printers build the physical objects layer-by-layer, so we need to slice the object into thin layers. Turn off the fan after 5 minutes When […]

Create 3D models based on pictures

To create a 3D model based on a picture of the original object Start a 2D sketch On the Sketch tab Insert section select Image Browse to the image and place it on the canvas To move the image, drag the center with the mouse, To rotate the image, grab it in the lower left, lower […]

Working with solid bodies in Autodesk Inventor

To move a freeform solid body Select the solid in the part drawing In the context-sensitive icon menu select Edit Freeform, or in the browser right-click the freeform and select Edit Freeform On the Freeform tab select Edit Form On the Edit Form popup page click the Body button Select the freeform solid Move the […]

Modify STL 3D printing files with FreeCAD

There are many free STL files are available on the internet to 3D print useful objects at home. There are times when we want to make some adjustments to them to better fit our need or 3D printing equipment. If the STL file describes an object that is larger than the maximum dimensions your printer […]

Import STL mesh files into Autodesk Inventor

Import and export STL mesh files To enable Autodesk Inventor to open and save .stl files add the STL Import and STL Export add-ins to Adobe Inventor. .stl files are used to transfer 3D print designs between computers. You can download most of them for free from the Internet. In the Tools menu open the Add-in Manager […]