Kerbal Space Program

KSP 2 is a total rewrite of KSP 1, but most of the parts, controls and space flight itself are very similar in both versions. I am updating the posts with KSP 2 specific images and notes, but if the post has no KSP 2 specific version, use the KSP 1 version, as most of the ideas are still applicable in KSP 2.

Kerbal Space Program 2

Configuration of KSP 2

Using mods in KSP 2

Construction in KSP 2

Science is KSP 2

Docking and EVA in KSP 2

Mod creation for KSP 2

Interplanetary travel in KSP 2

Kerbal Space Program 1





Docking and EVA

Recreating real life missions

Mods and Cheats

To get to know more